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SOON is an art studio founded in 2019 by Rob Perez and Elisabeth Marek. We are located at Bäuerlegasse 3, 1200 Vienna, Austria. Soon is a space to connect with creative people though our exhibitions, workshops, or networking events. We also provide high quantity video production and branding support for artists, galleries, museums, and festivals. Come by SOON and let’s create some cool shit together!



“VERSUS” Group Showdown 


For our upcoming group exhibition we are pinning artists against each other! We are looking for artists from all genres to sign up for our upcoming VERSUS Group Showdown!

Graffiti writers, Illustrators, Street artists, Sculptures, Acrylic painters, Oil Painters, etc. Everyone is welcome to apply!

You just have to be open to collaborating with someone else. 

The theme for this group show is “Versus” and we are asking you to pair up with another artist to battle with. You can both use one “canvas” together or each create a piece that fit together and shows your unique styles. We are happy to pair you up with another artist to battle with, or you can be a total badass and “call out” your competitor via Instagram stories using our custom gif (search “soonart” in the gif search section) and your both sign up together! 

For example: “I signed up for the @soon_artstudio VS. showdown and i challenge @Rapunze!

(Our VS. gif is the same image we made for the flier.)

To sign up just click the sign up button below.

  • Please include a link to your work. 
  • Indicate if you would like us to pair you up with an artist. 
  • Each artist must sign up using the button below even if you sign up together. It makes it easier for us to keep track of everyone. 
  • Sign up fee is €10 each. We do not take a percentage of the sold artwork. Proceeds go towards our non-profit The Creative Fillip (www.creative-fillip.com)

If you have been accepted to participate we will email mail you with more information and transfer details.

Sign up ends when we have reached our target number of artists. 

As an added bonus we are also looking for a team of 3 artists to battle LIVE in the studio! We will set up 3 easels for artists to paint live against each other for a shot at a cash money prize!!! Please specify in your sign up comments section that you would like to participate in the battle. 

*Canvases are provided for the battle and participants do not need to pay the sign up fee unless you are also exhibiting.

More SOON to come!

Sign up here


Sign Up + FAQs


28.02.2020  |  19:00-23:00  |   FREE

Welcome back to another instalment of DRNK N DRAW theater!

This is a reoccurring event at Soon Art Studio for ARTISTS ONLY, where we watch cheesy old films, draw badly, and of course, drink!

This event is a cool way to get to know other artists and also to help push your creativity!

This month we will be watching the 1974 fantasy film Zardoz, featuring Sean Connery!

Bring your sketchbooks, pencils, pens, markers, iPads, or any other tools you’d like!

Drinks and snacks will be provided but also feel free to bring your own.

Free event!
See you SOON!


Workshop FAQs

Payment can be made by bank transfer, Paypal, or directly at Soon Art Studio before the workshop date. We can only reserve a spot after full payment has been made. We will contact you with payment details shortly after your application has been submitted.
All workshops focus on the development of creative thinking and will be run by creative professionals. There is no pre-defined structure. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

This workshop is for aspiring graphic and type designers. You should have experience in these fields.

There is no obligation to bring anything unless specifically mentioned in the description.

The number of participants varies, but we aim for around 10 people per workshop.

This workshop will be in German and English.

Important note: Soon Art Space reserves the right to change workshop details, including dates. If details do change, we will let you know as soon as we can.


SOON Art Studio offers a various services for artists

Video Production

We create custom video packages for artists and art exhibits
Progress Video (studio shots, outdoor murals)

Promo Videos

Event/Exhibition coverage

Artist Branding

Soon Art Studios offers artists branding content creation

Social Media specific content


Ads for exhibitions or event

Studio Space Rental

We offer our art studio space and gallery for a variety of uses


Artists talks


Pop-up shops

Let’s work together!

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