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SOON is an art studio founded in 2019 by Rob Perez and Elisabeth Marek. We are located at Bäuerlegasse 3, 1200 Vienna, Austria. Soon is a space to connect with creative people though our exhibitions, workshops, or networking events. We also provide high quantity video production and branding support for artists, galleries, museums, and festivals. Come by SOON and let’s create some cool shit together!


The 2020 Group Exhibition! Open Call

Join us for our first show of the new year! Thursday, January 30th 2020 at 19:00!

The 2020 Group Exhibition will feature 20 local artists exhibiting their own artistic style.

All the artworks will be limited to 20cm x 20cm in size!

The artists are welcome to create anything within this size restraints.

Participating artists include:

Martyn Marsland Mills
Yulia Volyntseva
Mira Mushroom
Katharina Irrelevant
Peter Obermoser
Suzanne Kobela
Cesare Asaro
Deadbeat Hero
Mrs. Octo
Jakob der Bruder
Jeremias Lindner
Moritz Seeburger
Bianca Ion
Anna Lauchart
Melina Franz
Peter Diamond

More SOON to come!

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Type Drawing Workshop & Introduction to Variable Fonts with Lukas Paltram

15.01.2020  |  15:00-18:00  |   €70-

In the first part of the workshop, the participants will be guided through a series of hands-on exercises, learning the basic drawing principles of type design that will help you to understand how letters drawn and constructed. At the end of the first part, you will draw a personal word mark under a specific brief.
Variable Fonts can be space saving, increase performance, and allow responsive and dynamic typography. How can this emerging technology be put to use? In the second part of the workshop, Lukas will speak about Variable Fonts and give practical insight into this technology, explain how its developed, and show what is out there to discover in this changing typographic landscape.
The workshop is aimed at Graphic Designers and Digital Designers with an interest in type.
Lukas Paltram studied graphic design in Austria. In 2009 he joined Dalton Maag as a Type Designer and developed typefaces for HP, Ubuntu and Burberry. In his current function as Creative Director he led projects for USA Today, the BBC and the City of Vienna. He works out of Vienna and London.
Dalton Maag was founded in 1991, and designs high quality fonts and wordmarks for its clients. With bases in London and Brazil, the company handles a wide variety of projects, a speciality of Dalton Maag is an expertise in non-Latin scripts, including Devanagari, Arabic and Cyrillic.

Age: 16 years and older
Duration of the workshop: 3 hours
How many?: between 5 and 10 Participants
Language: German/English
Price: €70-
Where: Bäuerlegasse 3, 1200 Wien

Instagram: @dalton.maag /@lukaspaltram
Twitter: @daltonmaag / @lui_pal
Facebook: @daltonmaag

Required Materials include: Pencil, pen, paper, ruler

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Workshop FAQs

Payment can be made by bank transfer, Paypal, or directly at Soon Art Studio before the workshop date. We can only reserve a spot after full payment has been made. We will contact you with payment details shortly after your application has been submitted.
All workshops focus on the development of creative thinking and will be run by creative professionals. There is no pre-defined structure. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

This workshop is for aspiring graphic and type designers. You should have experience in these fields.

There is no obligation to bring anything unless specifically mentioned in the description.

The number of participants varies, but we aim for around 10 people per workshop.

This workshop will be in German and English.

Important note: Soon Art Space reserves the right to change workshop details, including dates. If details do change, we will let you know as soon as we can.


SOON Art Studio offers a various services for artists

Video Production

We create custom video packages for artists and art exhibits
Progress Video (studio shots, outdoor murals)

Promo Videos

Event/Exhibition coverage

Artist Branding

Soon Art Studios offers artists branding content creation

Social Media specific content


Ads for exhibitions or event

Studio Space Rental

We offer our art studio space and gallery for a variety of uses


Artists talks


Pop-up shops

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